Tanco - Bale Wrapper Specialist

Video: About the Bale Wrapper Manufacturer

Published - 05 May 2010

Length - 2:52

Video about Tanco Autowrap, manufacturer of the most dependable, diverse and unique specialist farm machinery on the market.

Tanco Autowrap produces the widest range of quality agricultural wrapping machinery in the world, exporting them to over 30 countries worldwide.

Tanco Autowrap manufactures our round bale wrappers, square bale wrappers, round bale stacker, round bale handler, bale shear, bale stacker and livestock feeding implements in a state of the art 7,000 square meter production facility in the heartland of Ireland.  Tanco is committed to developing innovative agricultural wrapping machinery and agricultural machinery implements distinguished by high performance, durability and functionality.

Tanco Autowrap’s commitment to research and development ensures that our valued customers receive an innovative, efficient and enduring agricultural machine.  That’s why Tanco Autowrap is the only choice for agricultural wrapping machines and agricultural machinery implements for many contractors and farmers across the world.

Currently, our round bale wrapper range includes the stationary 280 ARC, the trailed 580 S, 580 A, and 1400 EH, and the mounted 1300 S, 1300 SM, 1300 EH and 1320 EH.  Our square bale wrappers capable of wrapping both round and square bales include the mounted 1530 EH and 1540 EH, the stationary 1804 S and the trailed 1814 and the mini bale wrapper 404 EH.

From bale wrappers to agricultural machinery implements including our round bale stacker, round bale handler, bale stacker, bale shear and livestock feeding implements, Tanco Autowrap has the most dependable, diverse and unique specialist farm machinery on the market.


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