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Video: Root Crop Livestock Feeder, Cleanafeed - Tanco Autowrap

Published - 09 Dec 2009

Length - 3:21

Video about the I60 CleanaFeed, a low maintenance, self-loading, durable root crop livestock feeder tractor implement.

The I60 CleanaFeed is a low maintenance, self-loading, durable root crop livestock feeding tractor implement.  This agricultural machinery implement is hydraulically operated via linkage.

The CleanaFeed quickly washes, cleans, chops and feeds root crops.  A rotor paddle removes loose dirt through an open framework and ensures even feed of crops to the chopper unit.  The wash bar mechanism can be fitted to a water supply and has a low water requirement. 

The CleanaFeed comes with an anti-bridging device and a simple hinged stone trap as standard.  Optional attachment plates enable feeding of potatoes, vegetables, maize, grains and other feed compounds.


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