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Video: Round Bale Wrapper 580 S from Tanco Autowrap

Published - 05 May 2010

Length - 2:48

Video of the 580 S trailed round bale wrapper from Tanco Autowrap, bale wrapper specialist.

The 580 S round bale wrapper is a compact, robust machine suitable for farmers and contractors.  It is the most efficient and effective trailed round bale wrapper on the market.  

This agricultural wrapping machine includes a semi automatic, three lever joystick control.  By simply holding the rotation lever for one revolution, the 580 S will automatically run through the entire pre-selected number of rotations and stop in the off-loading position.  This is the tried and tested wrapping system that produces quality forage with good output at the right cost.

An adjustable hydraulic valve allows the lowering speed of the hydraulic bale ramp to be changed for different weight bales.  The end tip ramp and wide low pressure ground tyres are optional extras.


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