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Video: Square Bale Wrapper 1814 from Tanco Autowrap in Holland

Published - 25 May 2010

Length - 1:21

Video about the 1814 trailed, fully automatic, round and square bale wrapper from Tanco Autowrap in Holland.

The 1814 square bale wrapper is high speed, trailed, and wraps square and round bale - the ultimate choice for bale wrapping contractors.  For high output, ease of use, consistent performance and versatility, this agricultural wrapping machine from Tanco Autowrap is unsurpassed.  

A high capacity machine, the 1814 square bale wrapper is capable of wrapping all sizes of large square and round silage bales.  It will wrap square bales from 0.47 to 1.2 meters in height, to a maximum length of 2 meters and round bales from 1.2 to 1.5 meters in diameter.  The changeover from square to round bales is quick and simple.

As a result of a unique pivot squeeze design, the load arm is capable of picking bales from awkward positions in the field.  The optional rotating off-loading ramp turns the bale 90 degrees, allowing a smooth unload while driving and easy bale collection later.

The wrapper is fully automatic and can be operated via remote control from the tractor cab to wrap statically.

Finally, the 1814 square bale wrapper is two point linkage mounted with a swivel head stock for improved manoeuvrability.


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