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Video: Square Bale Wrapper 1540 EH from Tanco Autowrap

Published - 07 Feb 2012

Length - 3:06

Video about the 1540 EH mounted round and square bale wrapper from Tanco Autowrap, bale wrapper specialist.

The robust 1540 EH bale wrapper is the most versatile of its kind, capable of wrapping both square and round silage bales.  The machine has a unique roller system with two independently driven rollers that ensure a smooth and consistent bale rotation.  With two wrap arms, the 1540 EH bale wrapper is very fast, achieving double the speed of a one arm wrapper.

Twin bales also can be wrapped in a single pack.  A “rotate after wrap” feature allows multi-positioning of wrapped square bales between 0.47 meters to 1.4 meters in height to a maximum length of 1.5 meters.

Finally, this agricultural wrapping machine can be linkage mounted, thereby vastly reducing operator costs.


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